Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour, Anthony Quinn, Dir: David Butler

Here is the third installment in the “Road Pictures”, of the which, there are a total of 7.  Some people call these the “Road Series”, but I don’t because, in my mind, the word “series” indicates that there is a more common thread besides the cast and the title.  There are some running gags like the patty-cake punches, which appear in all but one of the films, but the characters have different names and you don’t need to see one before you see any of the others.

The Road to Morocco is, by far, the funniest of the films, and it’s the first one that comes from an original script.  Road to Singapore and Road to Zanzibar, the first two installments, were based on previously written stories.

As is always the case in these films, Bob and Bing are friends who are constantly insulting each other, putting each other in harms way, and fighting over the girl. If I were the girl they were fighting over, there would be no need to fight- I’d take Bob, hands down. The relationship between Bob and Bing is what drives this movie.  They are so incredibly funny.

Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour had great comedic timing.  They are a treat to watch, but…(see next paragraph)

Bob was made to be an entertainer.  There really was no better purpose for him.  Between making movies and touring during several wars and in peacetime, into his 90’s I might add, he made people happy wherever he went.  He liked to engage his audience and the fact that there was no audience during the filming of his movies didn’t hinder him.  He often looked at the camera and addressed us directly.  “Breaking the fourth wall” isn’t often done because it can interrupt the flow of a movie, or take us out of its fantasy world for a moment, and it takes a second to get us back on track. It fits right in when Bob does it though.

Buried at the bottom here I am going to say that, although Road to Morocco is definitely the funniest of the group, Road to Singapore is my favorite and I’m not ashamed to say it’s because Bob looks his best in it.  I know I should be, but I’m not.

You ought to watch this. If you like it, you know you have 6 more to see. And it’s always good to know what to watch next.


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