Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart Dir: George Cukor

So a really rich socialite is about to get married and some people show up and make things difficult. There, I got the vague plot thingy out of the way.

This is my favorite Hepburn movie by far. It’s no wonder she was perfect in it- the original play was written for her and she did it on Broadway before doing the film. Both Cary Grant and James Stewart play off her and each other so wonderfully.

You certainly must know by now that I prefer comedy to any other kind of movie and this one is very funny. There is plenty of physical humor which is something Grant was a master of (see The Awful Truth or Arsenic and Old Lace for additional examples). He was no slouch at delivering stinging insults either, which is good because he does a lot of this as well.

Although I find Cary Grant’s character the most entertaining, I think I like Jimmy Stewart’s character better. Even someone with a cold cold heart like mine could fall in love with the guy. And he has his fair share of stinging insults too.

This is a good solid movie. There is no bad acting at any point, there is not one single hole in the plot, there are no stupid lines. This would be an excellent movie for someone to watch who’s never seen a film older than themselves- a gateway movie, if you will, which welcomes you in to a world of even more addictive films that call and pull at you until you have nothing left in your life but the flicker of the screen mocking you. It taunts you, makes you late for work, makes you ignore your kids, makes you stay up writing about it into the wee hours of the morning. But you don’t turn away because you can’t. You can’t because you love it. You love it more than than you hate what it does to you. And you’ll never get away. Never. Wait. Maybe that’s just me.


2 thoughts on “The Philadelphia Story (1940)

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