John Barrymore, Myrna Loy. Dir: Harry d’Abbadie d’Arrast

This Barrymore character is unlike any other. He doesn’t buckle any swashes, he doesn’t turn into a beast, he doesn’t dress fancy or chase women around, he doesn’t commit suicide or get murdered. He’s a shy school teacher with a keen interest in what’s right and an abhorrance for what’s wrong.

Yes, I said “abhorrance”. Because I know that word.

More info, but not enough to tell you what it’s all about: Barrymore is a naive teacher that gets screwed over at the school and then gets involved in a situation which potentially may or may not (trying not to spoil anything) get him screwed over again. Myrna Loy is there.

I don’t mean to diminish Loy’s performance, I just don’t want to tell you why she’s there. But of course, it’s always good when Loy is there. In any movie. She either IS the movie, she enhances it, or she saves it, as the one redeeming thing about it. Like that one where she played a gypsy and it was originally filmed as a silent movie but then they added dialog and it was dumb words and over-acting. Strange stuff, but Loy made it worth watching.

The things that happen in this movie…well, let me just say that it could be made right now with absolutely no changes and it would be completely relevant in its portrayal of the business world and society today. Dirty rotten people. And a sweet little Barrymore.


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