Constance Bennett, Billie Burke, Alan Mowbray. Dir: Norman Z. McLeod

Where to begin? About the actual movie first, I think. I don’t want to tell you anything about the plot, it’s really fun to discover it as it unfolds, so if you want to know, you can look on IMDb or somesuch. I will say it’s about a quirky family.

This movie is so funny, I would be sad if you miss it. It is my considered opinion that people need more silliness in their lives, and this meets your recommended daily allowance.

This one is one of Constance Bennett’s best movies. But please understand it’s not Bennett’s fault. Bennett does very well, but the real reason to watch this movie is because of Billie Burke. She is perfect and funny and nobody else could do this role anywhere near as well. In fact, this is the only movie for which she was nominated for an Academy Award, so you know she’s awesome in it. On another note, I wanted to say that I am still amazed that Ms. Burke was 54 years old when she did “The Wizard of Oz”.

Another actor in this movie is a name that is not commonly remembered, but if you have seen a reasonable number of classic movies you would certainly recognize his face. His name is Alan Mowbray, but he is more often remembered as “you know, that one guy”. He never fails to please in performance, but the thing that I find more fascinating about him is that he helped to start the Screen Actors Guild and initially funded it with his own money. The Guild was started because the heavy-handed studios in the 1920’s (don’t even get me started on how awful many of these studios were to their employees) wanted to cut the actors’ pay in half to increase their own profits.

Back to the movie though, I believe, and I might be wrong, but I believe this is the movie that had a car chase stunt in it that just stunned me with the precision with which it was done. I believe it was a Deusenberg that was used for it. Made my jaw drop. So obviously, you must watch this film.


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