Ginger Rogers, David Niven, Charles Coburn. Dir: Garson Kanin

I want to be Ginger Rogers when I grow up. She was just so cool and this movie is one of my favorites of hers. And definitely my favorite of David Niven’s, whom I love. If I am correct, Niven was my second inappropriate movie star crush. And when I say inappropriate, it’s because I was 9 and he was 67 when I discovered him in Candleshoe. You may well ask what was my first. Well, I’ll tell you. It was cartoon Robin Hood in Disney’s Robin Hood when I was 6. I was destined to fail in relationships at that point. I’ve since moved on to dead celebrities.

And this is my favorite Charles Coburn movie too. He’s not a boyfriend, I just like him a lot because he’s funny.

Story: woman finds baby and the world determines it is hers. Now what?

This movie was directed by the inimitable Garson Kanin, who also directed my favorite Cary Grant movie, My Favorite Wife, and 16 others, but he really contributed to film more as a writer. Those credits include “Born Yesterday”, “Adam’s Rib”, and “Pat and Mike”, among others. Clearly I owe a huge debt of gratitude to this man.

Here’s an inexplicable fact- the movie was originally released in June.  Nothing says Christmas like the opposite month of the year.  But whatever, neither I nor my either of my parents were alive yet, so it doesn’t really affect me.

Ginger Rogers and David Niven are perfect together. And why shouldn’t they be, really? I’ve never seen Rogers not mesh with any of her leading men, nor have I ever seen Niven mis-matched. Therefore, they must be a super couple of some sort. And the relationship between Niven’s character and his father (Coburn) is hilarious.

The best scenes in the movie include the one at New Year’s Eve and the one in the park with the bragging parents. Or is it the customer service scene? Or the dancing? Never mind. It’s all good.

Bachelor Mother was remade in 1956 as the musical Bundle of Joy, starring Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. I actually saw this movie first when I was a kid and didn’t specifically have a problem with the remake (I was able to ignore Fisher’s lack of talent) until I saw the original. Skip the remake. No, really. SKIP it. If I had magical powers that I could use to unmake only 50 movies in my life, this and several other musical remakes- A Song is Born, High Society, The Opposite Sex and many many more would be among those 50. Again- it’s not that the movies are terrible (except for The Opposite Sex), it’s that they are nowhere as good as the originals and did not need to be made.

But enough about that. As I have said, I prefer to write about movies I like on this blog. Maybe I should start a blog about movies I hate. Nah, I don’t have time for that.


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