Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Dana Andrews. Dir: Howard Hawks

Let me attempt to explain what we’re dealing with here. Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck, starring in a Howard Hawks film written by Billy Wilder et al. There is no way this can’t be good. And it’s true. It isn’t not good.

This is my third favorite Gary Cooper movie ever because it’s so funny and precious and exciting and amazing and everything. It has an interesting supporting cast which includes Richard Haydn, the gentleman who voices the caterpillar in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (you’ll know him when you hear him).

The story is about a houseful of professors who devote their lives to writing encyclopedias and Cooper is working on a unit on slang. This is where Stanwyck comes in. Cooper and Stanwyck show once again how well they work together. And that’s all I have to say about that.

I will tell you that this movie will make you hate Dana Andrews because he’s so believable as the bad guy. But then you can watch him in something else and like him again, because he’s never not good, and he rarely played bad guys.

I like movies that set a bunch of situations up and they end up resolving each other. This movie does that. It’s very tightly written.

I am telling you, no- begging, beseeching you even, to watch this movie. You will like it, and you will want to be my best friend for recommending it.

One thought on “Ball of Fire (1941)

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