John Barrymore, Joan Crawford, Lionel Barrymore, Wallace Beery, Greta Garbo. Dir: Edmund Goulding

Oh how I do love the movie “Grand Hotel”! I love watching the Barrymore boys acting side by side. I love wondering why, though all but one of the characters are German, Wallace Beery is the only one who bothers to affect an accent. I love thinking how the movie would be more interesting if Garbo’s character didn’t exist, and yet it has to. I love marveling at how Joan Crawford makes me cry despite the fact that she’s Joan Crawford. I love how they don’t seem to number the rooms in any logical order. And though I love John (another boyfriend) with a large portion of my heart, Lionel is the more entertaining Barrymore in this movie.

This is my favorite big name ensemble cast movie ever. Ever. It’s about a bunch of people whose lives intersect at a hotel. There is comedy, suspense, tragedy and nonsense (the eye-rolling kind, I think it was meant to be drama/romance). It’s like an ensemble of emotions. This is one of those movies I watch every time it’s on. It is pre-code so there is some subject matter that you wouldn’t see if it had been made two years later- which I love.

Bottom line: this is high on my list of must watch movies. So you must watch it.
I think I got through this recommendation without gushing too much.


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