William Powell, Myrna Loy, Frank McHugh. Dir: W.S. Van Dyke

Remember the movie rule I posted the other day that said, “If William Powell and Myrna Loy are in a movie together, watch it,”? I wasn’t lying. You need to watch this movie. Powell and Loy have this indescribable chemistry together which makes it difficult to believe they were not married in real life. But they weren’t. Powell was evidently into blondes, having been married to Carole Lombard and then engaged to Jean Harlow at the time of her death. Actually, maybe it was a good thing Loy and he were never married, given the fates of the two women I just mentioned.

But I’m way off topic now. I Love You Again is a comedy about Powell’s character who has amnesia and finds out some things about himself he would never have guessed, had his past not been presented to him. Loy plays the romantic interest in the movie (of course), and, although it’s not a big plot giveaway, I’m still not going to tell you the nature of their relationship because I don’t want to say too much. I want you to trust me that you should watch this movie.

You should also watch for Frank McHugh, who is one of my favorite supporting character actors. I’ve mentioned him before to those of you who have been reading my recommendations on facebook. He usually plays the same character in all of his movies, but he’s so fun, I just don’t even care. I’ve gotten past the acting-snob part of my life (which probably lasted about 6 months). Here’s another movie rule: If someone always plays the same character in all of his movies, but you like the character, it doesn’t matter. If the name isn’t familiar, the face might be- McHugh was good friends with James Cagney and appeared in many of his films, either enhancing the comedy or providing the comic relief.

So watch this movie because it exemplifies at least two of my movie rules, which are very strict, and the penalty for each is life-long regret. You would not want to be out of compliance, would you?


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