Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Walter Connolly. Dir: Frank Capra

Yes, it did, but it didn’t all happen that one night. I mean, technically, it happened over a period of nights…and days. But I guess they met at night, and so that’s what happened that one night. Before I continue, I have to say “fabulous movie”, lest you were thinking I considered it otherwise. I love Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable does his usual 1930’s performance, which is perfect in this movie. Nobody else could have done this part and had it come out exactly right. Well, Gary Cooper could have done it and it would have come out a different kind of right. And here’s the part where I say something that some people might disagree with: the only thing that improved as Gable got older was his acting ability, and he wasn’t bad in this film so that’s saying something. It’s also saying he got less and less attractive as the years went on, and I think that’s the part of my assertion that will get the cards and letters coming in. Claudette Colbert is always wonderful and this is the movie that introduced me to her eyebrows. Very strange to look at at first, possibly off-putting, but after a while you get used to them and they suit her just fine. She was a beautiful woman, after all.

The film is about a rich girl who takes off incognito-style to do something her dad doesn’t want her to, and Gable is the rockstar reporter who knows who she is and tries to help her. Lots of fun. Great dialog, love the costumes, very 1930’s. This is one that is considered essential by most film critics. And they’re right. Do not miss it. And if you’ve seen it before, watch it again. Because I said so.


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