Errol Flynn, Eleanor Parker, S.Z. “Cuddles” Sakall. Dir: James V. Kern

My favorite Errol Flynn movie of all time. The man could do some comedy, no doubt. Sure, he had funny lines in his more famous adventure films like Robin Hood and Captain Blood, but here he is in rare form. And so good.

So here’s my ambiguous plot summary. Errol Flynn used to be married to Eleanor Parker. Now he’s not, much to his dismay. Lots of crazy things happen, and these crazy things build up into a giant, steaming pile of hilarious chaos. And then it’s all better.

I will now take a moment to blatantly objectify him, for certain things cannot be ignored. Nor should they be. If you have never seen Flynn in a business suit, you will be delighted. He had serious shoulders. Now, Flynn in tights is nothing to sneer at, but this is what we are used to.

I will not apologize for that last paragraph.

This is a Christmas movie, so it’s not shown often. You have to watch it. If you miss it, may not get a chance to see it for another year, and whether you’ve seen it before or not, a year is too long to wait. Make all the necessary arrangements and see it.


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