Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake, William Demarest. Dir: Preston Sturges

Sullivan’s Travels (TCM Essentials, Saturday 12/1/12, 8pm eastern/7pm central)
I like to think of this movie as the one that got it right. Preston Sturges was an excellent writer, director, producer, actor, craft services guy…okay, that last one is just speculation, but he did so well with all the others, it might as well be true. Here’s another movie rule, and I hope you’re keeping track of these: If Preston Sturges’ name is listed anywhere in the credits of a film, you must see it. He’s great with plot and dialog and even greater at picking the actors wiho will do them justice. For this movie, the actors are Joel McCrea (another of my boyfriends- DON’T JUDGE ME) and Veronica Lake. McCrea’s attitude is perfect and Lake plays great alongside him. Many people would have you believe that The Palm Beach Story is his greatest film, but it’s not. It’s this one.

A very little about the film. Movie maker wants to make meaningful films. Sets out across America to get the perfect story. Life happens. Things get screwy. There was a train.

Let me get back to why I say this is the movie that got it right. Is there not enough drama, trauma, aggravation, and sorrow in your real life? Do you really need to spend 2 hours of your recreation time watching it on a movie screen too? I don’t. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Things that stand out in my mind about this movie: Joel McCrea had the best hair. Veronica Lake never doesn’t look female. The title of the movie McCrea wants to make will be familiar to you. It’s a little racy, given the year it was made. Joel McCrea’s hair. I’m pretty sure I found Jack Albertson in this movie and he’s uncredited and not listed anywhere as being credited or uncredited, which makes me special or crazy or a special kind of crazy. I just want to run my fingers through Joel’s hair. Veronica Lake has some great lines. And she’s the one who’s actually famous for hair. But Joel’s hair…

Sometimes I get caught up in a thing and then I forget my purpose. My purpose is to tell you that this is one of the greatest movies ever made. Because it is. Just ask the Coen brothers.


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