James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, Frank Morgan. Dir: Ernst Lubitsch

The movie stars Jimmy Stewart at his lovable best (he is not my boyfriend, though I love him, just not like that, so we don’t have to fight over him) and Margaret Sullavan who work in a shop together but don’t specifically get along. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that. This is an excellent romantic comedy and everyone in it is just wonderful. One of my favorite character actors (though he’s often the same character) is Frank Morgan (the wizard from The Wizard of Oz) and he is very entertaining, as usual.

This movie was remade as a Judy Garland vehicle in 1949 as “In the Good Old Summertime” with Van Johnson. Since I’ve already written about it, I am not going to say anything else, except that you can read what I wrote here.

Back to the original. I really like the chemistry between everyone in this film. They really seem to function as a family unit for the most part and it’s nice to see this in a movie from this era, kind of unusual, really. I also like movies that make me feel Christmasy and this one certainly does.

While I do like the chemistry, I am not keen on all of the acting. Sullavan is completely unpleasant, and not in a “love to hate her” kind of way. It’s my belief that we are supposed to like both her and Stewart, and I only like Stewart.

This is another Ernst Lubitsch film. I seriously love his movies. He directed my favorite and second favorite Gary Cooper films-  Design for Living and Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife. He also directed To Be or Not To Be, Ninotchka, the original Heaven Can Wait, and lots of silent films. And lots of German films. You know, because he was German and he moved to Hollywood after enjoying success in Germany.

I keep going off topic. Let’s blame this on how good the movie is. All I can tell you is you need to see it.


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