Cary Grant, Constance Bennett, Roland Young, Billie Burke. Dir: Norman Z. McLeod

What? You’ve never seen “Topper”? Oh, that’s okay, here’s your chance to get ejamacated about it. Topper is probably Constance Bennett’s most famous movie and, in my opinion, it’s her finest performance. She stars as Cary Grant’s wife, and he as her husband, and they are so charming together. Their chemistry is almost as amazing as William Powell’s and Myrna Loy’s in any of their movies together. And then you have Roland Young and Billie Burke (Yay!) as Cosmo and Clara Topper, and they have great chemistry too, though their relationship is substantially different from the Kerbys’ (Bennett and Grant).

Very, very light synopsis: The Kerby’s decide to make a project of changing Cosmo’s life, but due to circumstances which I will not tell you, this is more difficult for Cosmo to deal with than expected.

Interesting fact about Roland Young- in the days when studios owned their actors by contract, Young was a freelancer. He started out with MGM, but when his contract ended in 1932, he went out on his own and did just fine, thank you very much. And he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Cosmo Topper. And for those of you who are enamored of Alan Rickman’s voice, listen to Roland Young’s- I like it better, but that’s because it doesn’t sound like he has milk in his mouth when he talks.

If you like funny movies (and you’re probably a jerk if you don’t), then you should definitely watch this. I watch it every time it’s on and I think we all understand that it’s everyone’s goal to be just like me.


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