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The REAL most wonderful time of the year

It’s been a while since I’ve written any recommendations. I have been embroiled in directing a play (see reference to it in post about The Villain Still Pursued Her), which has taken all of my time outside of my day job for a few months now. Anyway, I went through my Now Playing magazine a few weeks ago and selected my two favorite movies each day and I am going to list them by date, but then in the order in which I like them. All times are Eastern.

Date Star Time Title Year Why You Should Watch
1-Aug Gene Tierney 3:45 PM Laura 1944 my new favorite noir
8:00 PM The Ghost and Mrs.Muir 1947 I love George Sanders
2-Aug Olivia de Havilland 8:00 PM The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938 Amazing Cast
4:00 PM The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex 1939 Similarly Amazing Cast
3-Aug Adolph Menjou 6:00 PM A Star Is Born 1937 (sigh) Fredric March
11:15 PM Stage Door 1937 my idol, Ginger Rogers
4-Aug Teresa Wright 5:00 PM The Best Years of Our Lives 1946 (sigh) Fredric March
12:15 PM The Pride of the Yankees 1942 I love the playfulness between Wright and Cooper
5-Aug Fred Astaire 3:00 PM Swing Time 1936 All Fred and Ginger today, way too hard to choose, this is my current favorite
9:30 AM Roberta 1935 Irene Dunne is awesome
6-Aug Michael Caine 5:45 PM Deathtrap 1982 Excellent
3:30 PM The Man Who Would Be King 1975 I like it better now than I did when I was 7
7-Aug Katharine Hepburn 10:00 PM The Lion in Winter 1968 Hepburn is brilliant
8:00 PM Alice Adams 1935 This helped me understand why people like Fred MacMurrey so much
8-Aug Raymond Massey 5:45 PM Arsenic and Old Lace 1944 Of course
9:45 AM The Scarlet Pimpernel 1935 I love Leslie Howard in this
9-Aug Robert Walker 8:00 PM Strangers on a Train 1951 Hitchcock, duh
6:15 PM The Clock 1945 Great chemistry between Walker and Garland
10-Aug Joan Crawford 3:30 PM The Women 1939 One of my favorite movies
10:30 AM Dancing Lady 1933 My favorite Crawford/Gable film
11-Aug Rex Ingram 10:00 PM Cabin in the Sky 1943 Eddie Anderson is cool
10:15 AM The Talk of the Town 1942 Jean Arthur always gets my notice at least
12-Aug Robert Mitchum 9:15 AM The Sundowners 1960 I don’t like Robert Mitchum. This one is fun because you get to laugh at his on again-off again Australian accent
11:45 AM Rachel and the Stranger 1948 I don’t like Robert Mitchum. This one is good for the co-stars
13-Aug Ann-Margret 6:00 AM Pocketful of Miracles 1961 I like Lady for a Day (original film) better, but this is almost as good
8:30 AM Viva Las Vegas 1964 For the soundtrack alone
14-Aug Groucho Marx 10:45 AM Duck Soup 1933 The Marx Brothers make me angry, but this is the best one on today
2:00 AM A Day at the Races 1937 And this is the second best
15-Aug Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 12:30 PM Having Wonderful Time 1938 Ginger Rogers may not get her own day, but she’s in others’ films enough to make up for it
8:00 PM The Prisoner of Zenda 1937 Because Ronald Colman
16-Aug Patricia Neal 12:00 AM A Face in the Crowd 1957 Great movie about a horrific man
4:00 PM The Fountainhead 1949 (sigh) Gary Cooper
17-Aug Lee J. Cobb 11:30 PM On the Waterfront 1954 All kinds of great things in this one
9:45 PM 12 Angry Men 1957 They were so angry
18-Aug Viven Leigh 10:15 PM Gone with the Wind 1939 Because Hattie McDaniel
6:15 PM Fire Over England 1937 Laurence Olivier though
19-Aug John Wayne 10:15 PM The Searchers 1956 I loathe John Wayne. This movie doesn’t suck.
8:00 PM The Quiet Man 1952 This one isn’t as good as everyone says, but it’s still good.
20-Aug Mae Clarke 3:00 AM The Public Enemy 1931 James Cagney
1:30 AM Lady Killer 1933 James Cagney some more
21-Aug Alan Arkin 1:00 PM Wait Until Dark 1967 Arkin is scary awesome
12:15 AM The In-Laws 1979 and scary funny
22-Aug Marlene Dietrich 8:00 PM Witness for the Prosecution 1958 PLOT TWIST
4:45 PM Judgment at Nuremberg 1961 This whole film is full of amazing performances by a lot of people
23-Aug Debbie Reynolds 8:00 PM Singin’ in the Rain 1952 Her best film
2:15 PM The Mating Game 1959 A cute one
24-Aug Warren Oates 9:30 AM Ride the High Country 1962 Because of Joel McCrea
8:00 PM Badlands 1973 What’s not to love about young people on a killing spree?
25-Aug Virginia Bruce 1:00 AM The Great Ziegfeld 1936 William Powell and Myrna Loy. It’s a rule that you have to watch it.
11:00 PM Born to Dance 1936 James Stewart is fun
26-Aug Greta Garbo 11:45 PM Grand Hotel 1932 One of my favorite movies
6:00 PM Ninotchka 1939 I love Melvyn Douglas
27-Aug Monty Woolley 11:45 PM The Man Who Came to Dinner 1942 Odious man eats in the midwest
1:45 AM The Bishop’s Wife 1947 Merry Christmas. And Loretta’s hat is hideous.
28-Aug Ingrid Bergman 8:00 PM Casablanca 1942 Good because of everyone but Bergman, who is mediocre
10:00 PM Gaslight 1944 Good because of everyone but Bergman, who is mediocre
29-Aug George C. Scott 8:00 PM The Hustler 1961 Gritty
12:00 PM Anatomy of a Murder 1959 and, conversely, murder of an anatomy
30-Aug Gary Cooper 8:00 PM Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936 He’s so perfect for this role
10:15 PM Sergeant York 1941 and this one
31-Aug Shelley Winters 8:00 PM A Patch of Blue 1965 I love this movie
4:00 PM He Ran All the Way 1951 I only like this movie, but it’s the second best one they’re showing

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