My Classic Movies is a blog written and maintained by Jennifer Hargis. An avid movie watcher, Jennifer grew up watching classic films daily on television without really noticing that they were old. To her they were just movies.  Her goal is to get non-classics fans to become classics fans by writing about the good ones without giving too much of the plot away, and writing about them when they are soon to be shown on television so that people will have a chance to see them while the notion is still fresh in their minds. She has little patience for people who will not watch a movie just because it is in black and white, but she is somewhat sympathetic toward non-silents watchers, and is working to convert those people too. Jennifer loves Buster Keaton Gary Cooper, Fredric March, Ginger Rogers, William Powell, Myrna Loy, Claudette Colbert, Ernst Lubitsch, Howard Hawks, Preston Sturges, Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchcock, and just about all pre-code movies. Jennifer hates writing about herself in third person.

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